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16gb flash in SDRAM i already said it its all an integrated system android is on it mmm im not trying to hide anything its ubuntu that i am not happy with i am trying to run ubuntu in this case im looking for the best way to maximize its performance and i think its not going to be dualbooting did you install a chrooted android yet? No, im really new to android did you install ubuntu on it? No i installed ubuntu in a virtualbox and now you want to know how to optimize it? well actually i was using linux mint before i installed mint on it you have a computer with 64GB of RAM on it? and you want to optimize ubuntu for it? idk what RAM is :S i got an HP 7y550n it has a 4gb RAM then it should run linux mint with its kernel and some memory optimization ok cool first of all you don't need to run android and linux together not for what you want to do anyways i do for some reason i have an old android phone with me as a dualbooting laptop is my suggestion but its all an integrated system. i just want to run ubuntu i dont want it to have dualbooting but for some reason it has ubuntu installed already no I'm not arguing i dont want to dualboot



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Lumion 2.5 Portable 32 Bit Download Latest

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