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50-2196 (00:04:41) A: I can tell you what the error means. SQL Server had to wait for a resource to become available on another machine before inserting the next row. The resource that SQL Server had to wait for was System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.GetHashCode(). To avoid this situation in the future, either: Change the SQL statement to insert rows without using TransactionScope or SqlTransaction objects or Avoid creating the SqlTransaction or SqlConnection objects. -cultured *D. alba* for 2 days. **(a)** Typical magnified images of the ER, mitochondria, and chloroplasts in the intact root, and **(b)** the magnified images of the ER in the root at 30 min after application of the NNQ1 and the A23187. The scale bar is 500 nm.](fpls-07-01076-g007){#F7} Finally, we attempted to investigate the distribution of the FM4-64-labeled AMP in the intact root cells, after 30 min treatment with the NNQ1 or A23187. After a 30 min incubation with NNQ1, we observed the intense fluorescence in the cytoplasmic membrane and the whole membrane system (**Figure [8A](#F8){ref-type="fig"}**), however, after 30 min treatment with the A23187, the membrane system was not affected (**Figure [8B](#F8){ref-type="fig"}**). These results indicate that the distribution of FM4-64-labeled AMP in the NNQ1-treated roots is similar to that of the inorganic Ca^2+^, implying that the NNQ1 triggers the release of Ca^2+^ from the cytoplasmic membrane into the cytoplasm. The results also suggest that A23187 does not release Ca^2+^ from the cytoplasmic membrane. ![**Localization of the fluorescent methylammonium analog of adenine nucleotide (FM4-64-labeled AMP) in the root cell in the presence of NNQ1 or A23187**. Green fluorescence indicates localization of the membrane systems. **(A)** Typical magnified images of the cell in




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Fundy Designer V6 Crack Pc 43

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